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Rob Walkington - Sales Director Red Seal

 Gerry is very personable which enables a trusting relationship to be built quickly. I was a little nervous to begin with, however he quickly made me feel at ease which meant I opened up (probably more than I normally would!).

Gerry’s questioning skills are excellent and he always finds a way to ask stimulating and thought provoking questions, which have challenged me (in a good way!). Of course, this has to be matched with “active” listening and Gerry excelled  in this area. I came away from the sessions feeling he had really heard what I was saying.

Finally, I have found Gerry’s advice to be excellent and tailored to my feedback. He followed up quickly after our sessions with words of advice, quotes and books to read or listen to. Nearly all of which I have purchased, downloaded and advice put into action. He also shared plenty of his experiences and personal challenges which were insightful and made me feel “normal”!

I would recommend Gerry to anyone looking for business coaching and would love to carry on with the sessions!

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Harry - Business Manager

The coaching, guidance & mentorship Gerry has provided me over past few months has, without a doubt, accelerated my leadership journey and my career. I have always been a direct, opinionated and solutions focused individual which has both been a strength and a weakness of mine. A strength because of the role I am in and results I have been able to generate, a weakness because that style and approach is disengaging to others. It has always been a work-on and although I’ve known the change I’ve needed to make, I haven’t been able to achieve it. During the coaching with Gerry, I have had a number of ‘lightbulb’ moments and really have had a breakthrough in progressing myself into more of a leadership role within my business. Just today, I received positive feedback from my boss who noticed the change in my style through a hard conversation I was having with someone in the office. I remained above the line, I was engaging and present and we achieved the desired result together. I owe huge thanks to Gerry for helping me realise the value I offer, the influence I have and the responsibility I hold. I have progressed and modified my style faster than I ever thought possible which is now enabling me to not only lead others but accelerate their growth, their development and their careers as well.


Nicole Detman - Sales Director

I have worked for Gerry for a number of years, across multiple businesses and Gerry brings an authentic and fresh approach to leadership coaching.  I have personally benefitted from meaningful coaching and  feedback under Gerry’s leadership that has allowed for me to hone my leadership skills and progress in my career.

Gerry worked with me on identifying and building strengths, not just overcoming weaknesses.  While Gerry was there to give feedback on “career stallers”, by focusing on and building strengths Gerry created an environment of safety allowing me to clarify personal development objectives as well as supporting this with clear strategies on how to achieve these.

Beyond one on one coaching Gerry brought new ways of thinking when coaching our Leadership team.  Gerry encouraged us to share our development areas allowing us to understand each other’s individual areas for growth as well as understanding and enhancing our team dynamic.  The impact of this style of coaching meant we individually played to our strengths while building a more capable team.  This created a more open, engaged, and effective team as we worked on solving business problems beyond our functional expertise resulting in joint ownership of business progress.


Paul Roberts - Director The CFO Limited

I worked with Gerry for 8 years while he was our GM at Mars NZ. During this time Gerry demonstrated a great ability to engage and motivate our business towards driving amazing growth not only for our owners but also for the Associates and their teams. He lived and breathed the concept that engaging associates with a focus on driving sustainable business and personal growth would deliver stronger results. This was clearly evident in the results in both top line sales and EBITDA achieved with him at the helm.
On a personal level I benefited from Gerry’s coaching over my tenure at Mars becoming a stronger leader of people and of the business under his tutelage. I would strongly recommend Gerry as a coach and mentor to any company or leadership team who wish to drive a growth mindset through their organisation.