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Gerry Lynch - My Story

From engineer to marketer to CEO to my own boss

I was born in the UK to Irish immigrant parents, who had nothing when they arrived in the UK. They taught me the value of hard work, respecting others and always striving to improve.  Throughout my career at Cadbury, Frucor, Mars and Delmaine I have worked in engineering, production management, marketing, sales, and general management/CEO.  I have helped build high performing teams and for 8 years, while leading Mars NZ was finalist in the IBM/Kenexa Best Workplaces, winning the overall title 3 times, as well as turning the business around to become one of the strongest performing and most profitable in Mars globally.  
I have helped develop leaders who have gone on to senior roles around the world and helped teams to become highly engaged and love what they do. I have also helped to build healthy and safe workplaces, with a focus on mental health and psychologically safe workplaces. 
It all starts with people, that is where my strength lies so if you want me to help you unlock your potential or that of your people and business give me a call.